And so it began…

Ever wonder how Kooky Critters started out?  Well here is our story.


It all started on a rainy summer day….

It had been raining for days… and not just a shower here and a sprinkle there. This was biblical type rain, coming down in buckets. It was the beginning of our summer vacation and me and the 3 kids had played every board game, watched way too many movies and had exhausted most of our craft supplies.

“Let’s go to the book store, guys” I said. We packed up and headed out into the monsoon, dodging puddles as we drove our way to our local Barnes and Noble. When we arrived, we browsed the aisles looking for story books, novels, crafting books…. anything to keep us busy during what appeared to be our New England rainy season.

I stumbled upon a “Make Your Own Plushies” book and the kids oohed and aahed. Looks like we had a winner! We all sat down on the floor and paged through the book. “Mom, can you make me this one… oh, and this one, and this one” came from my youngest. “I like this one” said my daughter. “Those are pretty cool”, from the 11 year old. They were pretty cool, but we could do better.

We bought the book and waded our way through the parking lot to our van. Back at home, while the kids were looking over the book together again, I started sketching. “What do you think of this guy?”, I asked them. “Yes, Mom! Make me one!!”, they all shouted. I got to work, cutting, sewing and stuffing. When he was finished, we named him Stinky and the first Kooky Critter was born. 🙂 That Critter still sits on my now 14 year old’s bed.

Now we are making personalized Tooth Fairy Critters like nobody’s business.  Of course, we have come a very long way since that first Critter and there have been many updates and improvements to our design.  We carefully hand make each and every tooth fairy pillow just for you.
We hope you like them!  Thanks for reading.
Stinky…. our first Critter